Places of Worship


Churches in and around Clarence (area code 716):

Clarence Center - Akron Mennonite Church, 11500 Clarence Center Road, Akron, 542-9927
Clarence Center United Methodist Church, 9550 Clarence Center Road, Clarence Center, 741-2410
Clarence Church of Christ, 5375 Old Goodrich Road, Clarence, 741-3030
Clarence United Methodist Church, 10205 Greiner Road, Clarence, 759-9821
Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church, 8180 Greiner Road, Williamsville, 688-7165
Emmanuel Baptist Church, 5353 Goodrich Road, Clarence, 741-3801
Faith Fellowship Church, 11478 Main Street, Clarence, 759-6632
First Baptist Church of Clarence,10790 Hunt's Corners Road, Clarence, 741-3432
First Presbyterian Church, 9675 Main Street, Clarence, 759-8396
Harris Hill Baptist Church, 5071 Harris Hill Road, Williamsville, 698-3199
Harris Hill Mennonite Church, 5225 Harris Hill Road, Williamsville, 688-6867
Harris Hill United Methodist, 8495 Main Street, Williamsville, 632-4688
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, LCMS, 8900 Sheridan Drive, 634-2332
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 8500 Main Street, Clarence, 632-8838
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, 10950 Main Street, Clarence, 759-8554
Ransom Creek Community Church, 9365 Clarence Center Road, Clarence Center, 741-3252
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 5030 Thompson Road, Clarence, 688-6503
St. Augustine's Catholic Church, 8700 Goodrich Road, Clarence Center, 741-2258
St. Mary Catholic Church, 6919 Transit Road, Swormville, 688-9380
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 4275 Harris Hill Road, Williamsville, 632-8221
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran, ELCA, 7700 Goodrich Road, 741-2500
St. Stephen's United Church of Christ, 8520 Tonawanda Creek Road, East Amherst, 632-8524
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, ELCA, 9535 Clarence Center Road, 741-2656

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