Safe Internet Surfing


As parents many of us are concerned about the material which exists on the Internet and it's influence on our children. This page is provided as a resource to provide you with some of the options available to minimize your child's exposure to undesirable Internet material.

See SafeKids.Com at This site provides "tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!" Also see NetParent.Com,, which "contains all the information a parent needs to know in terms of Internet safety, safe children's sites, software filtering and more."

There are certain search engines which provide kid friendly responses. One is located at Yahooligans and is included on the Clarence Home Internet Starter Page at Another is at Crosswalk, Family Friendly Search at searches a number of family friendly search engines with just one click. Searchopolis,, allows you to search by grade level.

Spending a little time researching these options is well worth the effort.

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