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Clarence Home can have you up on the web at a very low cost. Please contact us for additional advertising information.

Clarence Home Advertising Fees

Standard Plan:
To place your business up on the Web quickly, simply send a check or money order for $100.00, to Clarence Home LLC, 5225 Goodrich Road, Clarence, NY 14031 along with the completed advertising agreement below and your completed client information form. The $100.00 will cover the cost of the web page design and hosting for one year. Checks will not be cashed until your site is viewable. Click here for an example.

TOTAL: $100.00

Gold Plan:
If you desire a larger site, fill out the client information form and send or email ( supplemental material for additional pages with your specific instructions.

Setup costs (one time fee):
$50 per page*
Introductory Special: no setup charge for the first page.

Additional Pages X $50.00 $
$25.00 per scanned image (i.e. your logo): images X $25.00 $
Yearly Hosting Cost $100 per year (up to 10 pages; call for info on larger sites) $100.00


Send check or money order with advertising agreement below and completed client information form. Checks will not be cashed until your site is viewable.

In the future, when page changes are requested:
Minimum fee: $25.00 per page
Maximum fee: $50.00 per page

*Note: A "page" is approximately equivalent to the amount of material contained on a 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper with text having a font size of 12. A typical page is a menu listing.

Clarence Home LLC Advertising Agreement

No web site will be designed that contains adult content, pornographic material, or content deemed morally offensive. We have the right to refuse any ad copy or links to pages that contain such material. Web sites located outside of Clarence Home which you request a link to will be inspected prior to approval of your link.

Furthermore, advertisers agree not to hold Clarence Home LLC, its agents, employees and contractors, responsible for any claims in regards to the information provided. Advertisers agree that any advertisement submitted does not conflict with local, state, national or international law. As with any advertising company, we cannot assume responsibility for the outcome of any transactions.

Please print out, sign, date, and mail this agreement to Clarence Home LLC, 5225 Goodrich Road, Clarence, NY 14031:





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Client Information

Don't forget to fill out the client form at and email or conventional mail it back to us, along with your advertising agreement and check or money order. Thank you for being a part of Clarence Home!

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